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  The services include the design, modification or transformation of structures, apparatus and equipment, including:

  • Mining conveyor

  • Hoisting equipment and heavy machinery

  • Fixed or mobile scaffolding

  • Simple and complex steel, wood or concrete structures

  • Lighting structures, removable bleachers, band shells,  

    retractable screens and other structures in the artistic    

    and cinematographic fields

  • Support and retaining structures

  • Storage tanks and pressure vessels.

and the transformation of structural members to improve performance and/or allow the execution of specific work.

Structural Design



Weldind Design and


  In the specific field of welding, SODEVEC’s specialized engineers have provided over 1,000 welding procedures to the industry. Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for the design and practice of welding and for the visual inspection of fabricated structures, they represent more than 75 companies part time and provide consulting engineering services to over 300 companies in Quebec.

The services provided include the following:

Certification to CSA Standards W47.1 and W47.2 and to ASME and AWS codes

  • Services of welding engineers and Level II and III  

    inspectors, certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to 

    represent companies engaged in fusion welding of steel        

    and aluminum structures in their certification approaches  

    under Division 2.1 of the CSA W47.1, W47.2, ASME and    

    AWS standards.

  • Engineering, technical and administrative services  

    necessary for certification under Division 3 of the same


Welding procedures

  • Engineering standards regarding weldability of mild steel, 

   stainless steel, low alloy steels or aluminum and its alloys.

  • Welding processes:

    - Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)

    - Submerged arc welding (SAW)

    - Gas metal arc welding (GMAW)

    - Flux-corded arc welding (FCAW)

    - Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

  • Updating of general welding procedures in accordance

    with the revised standards.

  • Inspection and approval of plans and shop drawings.

  • Special processes:

    - Distortion control

    - Heat treatment

    - Welded joint design

    - Development of special or specific welding procedures.

  On the strength of its experience and human and technical resources, SODEVEC can respond efficiently to your needs and resolve any problem situation in the following fields:

Functional and operational expertise


  • Structural expertise

  • Determination of compliance of parts and/or

    equipment with standards of use

  • Inspection and testing of hoisting equipment, such as

    cranes, boom trucks, aeral device, elevator platforms,

    over head cranes, hoists, etc.

  • Determination of the exact causes of material and/or 

    equipment failure

  • Repair and/or modification programs and inherent


  • Examinations and certification of compliance for CSA, 

    SAE, BNQ and/or ASME/ANSI standards relevant to    

    hoisting equipment, access ladders, freight elevators,

    construction machinery, industrial and mining


  • Parts and equipment handling plans

  • Analysis of physical, mechanical and chemical

    properties of metals

  • Qualitative structural studies.

Welding expertise

  • Welding cost and operating cost estimates

  • Welding metallurgy

  • Visual inspection (CSA W178.2 and ASME)

  • Repair plans and compliance tests.

Legal expertise

  • On-site expertise, including damaged equipment  

    following an accident, etc.

  • Assistance to the legal advisor in the preparation of

    their file

  • Assuring the claim’s validity and rationale

  • Expertise and technical research

  • Court testimony.

Expertise Services



Training of Welding Personnel

  Both practical and theoretical training will be customized to specifically meet your needs.

SODEVEC is recognized by the Société québécoise de développement de la main-d'oeuvre (SQDM) to deliver training activities in the following fields:

  • Training personnel in the interpretation of the CSA W47.1, 

    W47.2, W59 and W59.2 standards.

  • Technical assistance regarding the implications of specific 

    or special standards.

  • Training welding supervisors to obtain and retain their 

    certification with the CWB.

  • On-the-job training for welders, namely:

    - Practical training for welders in all processes

    - Welding symbols

    - Welding defects

    - Welding equipment and consumables

    - Quality control and inspection methods

    - Control of corporate welding drawings and procedures

    - Any other course that meets your needs.

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Structural Design

Expertise Services

Welding Design and Execution

Training of Welding Personnel