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 Founded in 1985, SODEVEC is a firm that specializes in welding engineering and have extensive experience with lifting equipment. Representing companies before the Canadian Welding Bureau is just one of our many activities in the industry, the designing of structural elements on request takes a large part of our business.

  When it comes to lifting equipment, Sodevec offers the full range of services, from expertise to repair. As well, Sodevec is authorized to issue operating certificates. The equipment has to be verified periodically to make sure it conforms to the current standards. Sodevec also checks lifting and handling plans.

  Sodevec’s team includes experienced engineers and technicians, supported by an administrative team that never hesitates to ask for help from outside when needed. Sodevec works mainly in Quebec, even though nowadays, its know-how has spread far beyond provincial boundaries. We have customers across Canada, in the U.S. and Europe.

About Sodevec


Attentive to the needs of ours customers

4410 Louis-B.-Mayer, Laval (Quebec) Canada - H7P 0G1

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Industrial processes


  • Chimneys

  • Hoisting booms and spreader bars, hoists, bridge

    crane beams

  • Temporary and permanent catwalks

  • Spacer beams

  • Conventional tanks

  • Silos

  • Safety system for protection of workers

  • Catwalk support systems


  • Updating welding procedures

  • Certification to the AWS, ASME, CSA W47.1, W47.2,

    W59 and W59.2 standards

  • Engineering consulting

  • Training welding personnel for over 300 Québec 


  • Extensive functional, operational and legal expertise 

    in equipment and structures

  Here are a few achievements representative of the SODEVEC team’s experience and versatility:

Industrial equipment and heavy machinery 

  • Special hoisting equipment

  • Modification of flatbed trucks fitted with hoisting 


  • Structural modification of transportation and hoisting


  • Support systems and bases required to lift equipment

  • Heavy equipment supports (temporary and permanent)

Arts and performances

  • Set and equipment hoisting apparatus

  • Band shell

  • Removable bleachers

  • Lighting structures

  • Retractable screen lighting


  • Consolidation and reinforcement of structures

  • Structural modification of buildings (expansion, change  

    of vocation)

  • Fixed and mobile scaffolding

  • Catwalks


  • Antennas, towers and antenna supports

  • Billboard structures